Farewell, December…

December is quickly drawing to a close. This year has been a whirlwind 365 days! I cannot believe that 2014 is over already. The holidays were over before I could blink, and thanks to my awesome family, I got a sewing machine, and a massive amount of craft supplies that I cannot wait to dig into.

2015 is going to be a growth year for me. The last two years have been redefining years, learning who I am, what I want to do, etc. And now that I have that shit shorted out, I’m ready to start acting on it. So, welcome 2015!

I want to live simpler. Realize that happiness does not come from things, but from feelings. From being present, 100% in the moment, and doing something that you are passionate about. If that means sitting and playing 16 hours of Disney Infinity for a weekend, then so be it. It’s about having fun.

Life is far too short to not enjoy every minute.

I pulled a New Years Resolution sheet from Modern Parents Messy Kids, and printed it out for my entire team at work. Then I realized that I wanted to do it for myself personally instead of professionally.


There are a few questions that stumped me, but it was fun to think about!

Saying goodbye to any year makes me nostalgic for everything that happened throughout it… In 2014 I had many crazy, fun, amazing experiences.

  • Many, many road-trips! Kate and I traveled to Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, and more (I think) to see Matt Nathanson on his summer tour. It was here that I met Andrew McMahon, lead singer of one of my favorite bands EVER (Something Corporate), and I fan girled. HARD.
  • Thanks to Matt’s tour I got to see the amazing Mary Lambert who inspired me in more ways than she will ever know. I plan on blogging about this amazing woman later on in the year, but she is a huge part of why I’ve become more confident in my “fuck the haters” attitude about weight, size, and body.
  • I went back to school and I’m doing fantastic, thank you very much.
  • I became much closer to my little munchkins and hope that this bond and relationship just continues to grow. Seeing their smiles and the “Auntie Kelly’s!!” When I walk through the door is amazing.
  • I watched a sister and close friend get married.
  • I became manager of a department that I began in as an account representative. I have crazy responsibilities, and am doing a great job.

That’s the purpose of this entire post and new attitude for 2015 – I’m doing a great job. I don’t need to be so hard on myself constantly, mistakes happen, disappointment is inevitable, but it is all about making the conscious choice of how to handle these situations that truly matters.


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