Planning for 2015

I’m taking a page from my BFF’s last post where she talks about “2015 New Years Focuses”. Personally, I love the idea that she presented about what she wants to focus on in 2015, not what she is making a resolution to actually do. Resolutions never, and I mean NEVER, work for me. I find myself throwing them away within the first two months of the year, or finding ways to work around them… which is why putting FOCUS on different things in 2015 really interested me. So, thanks for the idea, Kate!

2014 was certainly a crazy year. I went from supervisor of my department with a manager and a director that I reported to, and within the first month of 2014 found myself as the manager of the customer service department, with no one but me in charge of the team. Crazy, right? I love what I do, I’m good at what I do, and I was able to build a team of amazing co-workers that I am so, so proud of.

In my personal life, I went back to school. Recently I’ve decided to change majors from business management to communications in technology. The decision to make this change in school was incredible, and I feel like I’m on the right track with my choice. Business didn’t feel “right”. It wasn’t my passion, and once I found the communication degree, and realized that not only did it work to better myself in my current position, but would also pertain to the creative aspect of myself, it was a no-brainer.

I’ve done some soul searching this year, and have tried really hard to forgive those from my past that I’ve been holding grudges against. It doesn’t matter if the grudge is legitimate or not, I realized that I cannot begin to heal myself without forgiving (not forgetting!) those that have hurt me in the past.

I also made amends to many people that I wronged in my life, and live each day with a “one day at a time” mantra running through my head. I still get discouraged, I still have bad days, but when they hit, I find that I can cope better than I could even a year ago. So… I’m doing something right.

I finished the book The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, and became slightly (okay, REALLY) obsessed with her and her teachings. What she writes about and talks about really struck a chord with me, and holy crap, did it open up a crazy, fabulous, and amazing world.

The key was committing to it.

It took me a year (not normal when you’re reading the book, I swear! I’m part of many online groups where people finish in a week) to get through the readings and theory, and I realized it was because I wasn’t clear on how I felt. I didn’t know how KELLY felt most of the time. I only knew how the people AROUND Kelly felt, and what Kelly “should be” doing or “should be” feeling.

Then, one day, and I don’t know how it happened, things literally clicked into place. I sat down, started journaling about how I – KELLY – wanted to feel (the main point of The Desire Map), and came up with the following five “Core Desired Feelings”. I want to feel:

  • Creative
  • Authentic
  • United
  • Feminine
  • Tenacious

These are the feelings that I am going to live in 2015. These five words make me grin and give me such a sense of peace and light every time that I read them.

So, while Kate calls it “New Years Focuses”, I’m calling them “Core Desired Feelings” of 2015. And funny thing, a few of ours overlap! Great minds think a like.

Even though 2014 was a great year, I’m ready to see what 2015 brings and how living my life with these five feelings in mind affects my choices and my overall well-being.

Here’s to an amazing 2015!


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